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Not Done Yet;

Earlier this year I took the time had alone during the Covid19 shutdowns to finish writing the #50for50 blog posts from my adventures in 2019.

At the time I thought, “I’m so happy I’m not trying to do my #50for50 in 2020. Heck it would be hard to do 20 things in 2020.”

Fast forward to November 2020 and a morning when I was reflecting on all the changes I had made in October. I counted at least 5 things that were new for me in October. This inspired me to write down the other adventurous or challenging things I had done for the first time in 2020. And I realized I had done 13.

Could I do 7 more things? Between November 5th and December 31st?

That is why I’m back here on the blog. Well in part because writing is on my list of 7 things left to do in 2020. Also to get some clarity, accountability and posterity on those items.

Here’s the last 7 things I have to do for my #20for2020:

Write for at least 30 minutes for 50 of the remaining 58 days of 2020.

Walk and hike for 300 miles by the end of 2020 (a little over 10000 steps daily).

Cut down my own Christmas tree (this was on my #50for50 and I substituted making my own wreath instead last year).

Tandem Hang Gliding.

Take Jasper on his 1st overnight backpacking trip.

25 days of random acts of kindness in December.

Learn to play a song on the guitar.

And there you have it. My purpose is back.

I didn’t need 7 new things to get some purpose. However it IS 2020 and I desperately needed something to pick me up.

I will be chronicling the new adventures (and highlighting the other 13 things I did this year already) here on the blog.

You up to follow along again? I hope so. Either way its going to happen.

I would love to hear if anyone out there decides it is time to do 1 or 2 new things before the end of 2020.

Did you notice my list is easily done at social distancing (except hangliding but I will wear a mask). Surely there is something you could accomplish in the next 50 or so days left in the year?

I don’t know about you. But I am not done yet;

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