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Getting Into the Swim of Things

Is it just me or is this year going by too fast already? Just kidding.

I’m 20 days into my #50for50 year of adventure and today I added my first swim lesson to the routine.

I actually didn’t think exactly what the “routine” would look like.

It’s like every day I wake up and think, “What do I need to do today to make sure I can complete my list?”

It’s definitely about the planning.

I have divided the list into 1st 6 months and 2nd 6 months to try and keep on track. I know what activities can wait and which I need to plough through. I have already scheduled my pottery wheel lesson, my hike to top of Mt LeConte in dead of winter, my float tank, and my Stu Helm’s Food Fan Foot Tour. I also have my stand up paddling class in NEW ORLEANS (!) scheduled in March thanks to my friend Julie for making that happen.

But there’s also a lot of preparation involved.

The day to day which of course includes the meditation and the daily Bible reading that are on the list. Then the Couch to 5k so I can get back to running 3 times a week. Now adding a swim lesson and at least one swim practice each week. I also hiked a steeper than my normal hike yesterday and another one scheduled for next weekend to prepare for Mt. LeConte.

It’s like the devil is in the details.

Or more accurately the success is in the preparation.

I have six months until the Asheville Triathlon, actually 181 days, 12 hrs, and roughly 52 minutes as of right now. But who’s counting, right? Unless like me you haven’t run a 5k in 3 yrs, haven’t ridden a road bike (only used my mountain bike on the greenway 2 yrs ago), and until today had never done a lap of any kind in a pool.

Saying I swam a lap today is a bit of a stretch. I practiced my flutter kick, started my breast stroke, and truly sucked… at breathing.

Breathing is something you really take for granted until you have your face in the water. I am not deterred that I am not good at that yet. I knew it wouldn’t be natural or easy. That’s why swim lessons as soon as possible were a necessity.

So 181 days feels pretty close already. Even if I am already getting into the swim of things.

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