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Bare Belly and Bared Souls

Earlier this month I went to a belly-dancing class with my daughter, Alex – which marked another off of the #50for50 list.

I’ll talk a bit more about the class in a bit but I need to be honest about this list.

For the #50for50 I managed to only complete that one item this month. Which means I am even further behind schedule.

However I already knew I was going to have to rethink parts of my list.

I’m breaking up with my partner of 8 years and several items were on the list for him to help me experience.

So I’ve spent most of this month reevaluating the list.

And reevaluating my life.

It is painful when you build your castle on sand and have to watch it start ebbing out into the tide. It stays pretty for a long time even as it washes away.

Here’s what I know.

I will complete 50 items this year come hell or high water.

Or maybe with high water. Since I still plan to do a significant amount of water sports.

However the list is changing. I have a few more things to hammer out before I publicly revise. It’s my list and I figure as long as the items are adventures I have never been on then it can legitimately go on the list.

If you would be up for taking me waterskiing this summer in NC or close by, or hunting this fall I would still like to do those but my ability to do so is now diminished.

I also need technical help on how to get a manuscript off of floppy disks. I need instruction on how to set up a hammock to sleep in when I hike the Art Loeb Trail. And I need a bear canister that isn’t $50 for a weekend where I plan to basically slack pack.

Is it legitimate if you learn to play chess from YouTube? Is it legitimate to add an item to the list if you have recently completed before you added to list? Also known as adding items to a list that you can already check off.

I do like checking items off.

Which brings me to the one item I could check off in June.

Belly dancing class was cool. Even cooler to share the experience with Alex.

Here’s an important fact I actually did not bare my belly during class (although I will share a photo with belly bared).

The class was fun and far more exercise than I anticipated . The teacher was enthusiastic and encouraging.

I need to work on core strength. I was sore afterward.

I am not sure I was made for belly dancing. This is same way I felt after pole dancing. I think the common denominator is not the dancing but me. I enjoy moving I just also acknowledge my middle name is Leigh, not Grace.

July is going to be full of #50for50 and the revised list will be posted soon. I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate the feedback, support, and many in real life conversations sparked from my adventures.

My life may be changing but I am not giving up on this dream.

2 comments on “Bare Belly and Bared Souls

  1. Julie Bryndal says:

    It’s a living list that evolves as your life evolves. No questions asked. Be kind to yourself…you are amazing!


  2. Sandy Sakala says:

    It’s your list, you do it your way! The only person you are accountable to is you. I’m enjoying these experiences through you and envy the opportunity you have to pursue them. Life changes, sometimes in big ways, sometimes in small and we don’t always understand when it happens however; I truly believe everything happens for a reason. You do you and we’ll follow along, routing you on.


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